03 December 2015



"The epidemic of gun violence in America has become the new normal. We can’t just blame it on the brokenness of the world, pray for peace, and move on, worried that anything more will be seen as politicizing tragedy...
Tell your elected officials that while the NRA may give them a positive rating — and bankroll their campaigns — they're failing the American people by refusing to offer any semblance of common sense measures that could save lives."
"The assigned reading for the beginning of Advent season for Christians around the world doesn’t start with scenes of a baby being born in a manger. It starts with the end of the world ..."
This epidemic must end.
"I am an angry black man in America. But this police officer, this white aggressor, was my friend."
This prayer originates from the aftermath of an entirely different mass shooting. Sadly, it's still relevant.

A Planet Worth Fighting For
by Bill McKibben
While world leaders drag their feet on meaningful carbon limits, climate activists begin to turn the tide against the fossil fuel industry.

Partner with Koinonia Farm Community this Christmas

Still Shipping the Nuts out of Georgia (along with chocolate and other delicious treats). Support Koinonia's efforts to Feed the Hungry, physically and spiritually. Also growing pecans using Biological Methods, supporting a healthy, diverse world.

SOP harnesses the sun to fight hunger

Solar Oven Partners UMC demonstrates "Christian Love in Action" by placing solar cookers in the hands of the poor to alleviate human suffering and environmental destruction while partnering with church and relief ministries.

Tired of the holiday shopping crowds?

Avoid the rush. Shop for socially conscious gifts from the comfort of home with Sojourners' Just Giving Guide.