02 May 2013

Pot Shop - Macklemore Thrift Shop PARODY

NOT suitable for LEOs or DEA types, but this is pretty funny. The war against pot is a failure, it should be legalized for medicinal and personal use, regulated and taxed. The privatized for profit prison system will take a hit, but they could make up some of their losses if the government actually prosecuted and jailed those responsible for bringing the economy to the brink of collapse in the "great" recession we are still struggling to get out of. It is a sad commentary on the criminal justice system when a person can be sentenced to a longer prison term for possession of pot for personal use than for almost destroying the national economy. Talk about harming children and families and destroying peoples health! The bank-financial cabal and wall street have harmed and destroyed a lot more people than the occassional spliff! BY THE BY, I have yet to try it, it's just that I am against the waste of tax dollars, the ignorance and hypocrisy of politicians and the judicial system and the corruption of the privatized prison cabal in this country.

Published on Jan 9, 2013
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Written and Performed by Steve Berke, featuring Sexy Sax Man, Towelie, and David King Cain with special guest Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny on twitter/Instagram)

Special thanks to Macklemore for his cameo in the video and for believing in the legalization of marijuana.

"I'm not against legalization, not at all
I'm against glorification, you are not Snoop Dogg
Moderation, that's the key
But the door's unlocked
It's up to you how you use it
Make the call, c'mon" - Macklemore (Blue Scholars)

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Directed by Brian Hunting, Devin Hunting, Steve Berke

Starring: Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores, Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny on twitter/instagram), Olivia Matthies (@OliMatthies on Instagram) Kristen Mia, Ashley Bedell, Jana Kruse and Nina Taylor.

Special thanks to The Sound Doctor for creating the track, and for Jordan Postrel for adding to it. Check out the Sound Doctor's channel:

Special thanks to Linda Kaplan, M.D. Her website:

January is Glaucoma Awareness month:

Special Thanks to Chris Sullivan who helped shoot and DP several scenes, Destinee Handly for her amazing nail art, and Michael Malone and Marko Gojanovic, who let me shoot at their house and kick their asses in FIFA!

Im gonna smoke some weed, only got 20 dollas in my pocket
Imma huntin, looking for a pot shop, this is fucking awesome!

Walk into my house like what up, i got some good pot
I'm just pumped up got some herb from the pot shop
Ice in my fridge it used to be frosty
My friends like "Damn, that's a stoned ass donkey!"
Rollin' in hella high, looking like it's fifa time
Dominating all my friends, as I eat some chili fries
Draped in a snuggie with my girl sitting next to me
Probably shouldn't have had a big gulp full of ice tea
But shit it was 99 cents!

I be blazin and smokin it
Bout to go and get some munchie snacks, passing up on those cracker jacks
Reeces Pieces are where it's at, Gotta get me some soda pop
Cotton mouth has been creeping up
But can't remember where I put my keys,
Yeah, that's what's up.
Imma take your grandpa's ride, Imma take your grandpa's ride
No for real, ask your grandpa, Can I take his 65?
Deville Cruisin to my local Publix
Nothing better than rolling with 2 super fly chicks!
They had frozen burritos, I bought frozen burritos
I bought some Ben and Jerry's, then I bought some Cheetos
Hello, Hello, my main man Obama
A couple states have just reformed their laws on marijuana
Whatcha gonna do, send the feds there? Hell no!
The DEA's would be like "Ah, they got Volcano"

What you know about the science of marijuana?
What you know about people suffering from glaucoma?
They need it, they need it, it helps them with their condition
If don't believe me, then just ask some eye physicians
Thank your granddad for voting for that guy Richard
Nixon is the President who made the plant illegal
But science is now showing that its medicine for people
And the private sector's fighting to keep all of that illegal
Alcohol and Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Prisons
I'll take those four major lobby groups and fight those motherfuckers
They making money day and night, all those motherfuckers
And bribing congress out of sight, all those motherfuckers
They be like, "Oh, it's immoral and unhealthy"
I'm like how many people are you making wealthy
Anti-marijuana lobbies are making all kinds of profits
And they don't want you to stop it cause of all the special interests
I call that getting swindled and pimped, shit
I call that getting tricked by the government, that law's hella old
So its time to update it, regulate it, and then get it under state control
Peep Game, look into my political telescope
Think it's going to stay like this forever, nah, it hella won't, nah, it hella won't.

Let's end the war on drugs, It's time to pull the plug
These special interest groups are nothing more than corporate thugs
Let's end the war on weed, the people have agreed.
These special interest groups have kept these laws with bribery

Imma smoke some weed, only got 20 dollas in my pocket
Imma huntin, looking for a pot shop, this is fucking awesome!
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