17 October 2016

Real Time with Bill Maher: Trump is Good Person (HBO Overtime) 14OKT16

Real Time with Bill Maher: Trump is Good Person (HBO Overtime)

Published on Oct 14, 2016
Can You Be a Good Person and Vote for Trump?
Real Time With Bill Maher Overtime October 14 2016 (HBO)
Bill Maher want become a good person and Bill Maher want vote for Donald Trump

In the middle of a segment shredding Donald Trump tonight, Bill Maher asked if someone can really “be a good person” and support the GOP nominee.

He wondered if the Republicans would be able to “get rid of Trumpism” if Trump loses. Rebecca Traister said that even knowing that they would be going up against Hillary Clinton, the GOP managed to nominate someone who “embodies” the sexism and racism of the past.

Maher brought up states that are clearly safe for Trump and wondered, “These are human beings. What the fuck does it take in this country to have being a human being supersede being a Republican?”

Former senator Bob Kerrey argued that there are good people who just happen to support Trump. Maher reacted, “Really?”

He wondered if you can “be a good person” if you’re supporting Trump, adding that Hillary Clinton was right on the money about the deplorables.