22 October 2016

LCV VICTORY FUND: Woah - crazy polls in CO, MN, and NV - we could WIN these 22OKT16

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THE LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS has been working educate the electorate in swing states and in all states across the country on the importance of electing a president as well as senators and representatives who will lead the country in dealing with climate change and protecting the agencies and regulations that protect our environment and so protect us. Please consider making a donation to the slate of candidates supported by the +League of Conservation Voters , I have a few times. It isn't how much you donate,  but that you do, because the 2016 elections are so critical for the future of our nation. There is an update on the LCV Dirty Dozen list following the e mail.....

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BREAKING: New polls show the Trump-effect seriously swinging down-ticket races. We have to jump on this — contributions are being triple matched right now — can you help us expand to win even more races? 

As Trump’s rift with Republican leaders grows, new races are suddenly in play.

Must-Win House Races:
Colorado 6thtoo close to call
Minnesota 2ndtoo close to call
Nevada 4thtoo close to call

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This is huge — in the final weeks of the election, Trump’s rift with Republican leaders is changing down ticket races in ways that no oneexpected.

Races where environmental candidates had been trailing climate change deniers for months are suddenly in play.

Some sources are saying that control of the House could flip to a pro-environment majority.

Our campaign director just laid out a “go big” strategy to expand into must-win congressional races like those in Colorado, Minnesota, and Nevada, but here’s the thing:

Tomorrow morning, our campaigns team is meeting to assess projected revenue, and right now we are $30,000 short of this week’s budget goals. If everyone pitched in we’d hit that goal immediately.

A group of donors will triple every contribution. Can you let us know if you’re on board before tomorrow

As donors with ties to big polluters turn away from the presidential race, serious resources are pouring into close Senate and House races for the final weeks of the election.

The only way we can fully ramp up in must-win House races like in Colorado, Nevada, and Minnesota — the only way we can go big — is if we hit our $30,000 goal by tomorrow.

This is a critical moment, we’ve got to act now to expand the map — we can’t afford to just play it safe. Are you with us?

If your answer is “yes” — then we really need your help. A group of donors is tripling every contribution right now — can you let us know if you’re on board before tomorrow?

You’re awesome and I want you to know we really couldn’t pull any of this off without folks like you.

Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategy

P.S. By the way, the candidates we’re targeting in these must-win House races in CO, MN, and NV have such bad environmental records that we’ve named them to our Dirty Dozen list. So when we say must-win, we really mean it! Please, chip in today. 

Paid for by the LCV Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
For 20 years, the Dirty Dozen has targeted candidates— regardless of party affiliation — who consistently side against the environment and are running in races in which LCV has a serious chance to affect the outcome. Last cycle, LCV defeated seven of the 12 Dirty Dozen candidates. In the last presidential year of 2012, LCV defeated 11 of 12.

Additional members of the 2016 Dirty Dozen coming soon.
Paid for by the League of Conservation Voters,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.