15 September 2016

VIDEO Flint Church Pastor Interrupts Donald Trump &Trump Criticizes Flint Pastor — But Misstates Key Facts About Their Encounter &Trump on Flint pastor: 'She was like a nervous mess' By NICK GASS 09/15/16 07:37 AM EDT Updated 09/15/16 10:15 AM EDT 15SEP16

The Rev. Faith Green Timmons interrupts Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he speaks during a visit to Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Mich.
Evan Vucci/AP
AMERICAN MEDIA, reporters, take note. YOU can challenge donald drumpf/trump and survive the encounter, this lady pastor shows you how to do it. And yes, drumpf/trump will lie and try to make you out to be the bad person in the story, but the pictures, videos and other reporters will record the truth and it will be out there for God and everyone to see, like this from +The Associated Press , +NPR and +POLITICO .....