02 September 2016

Democracy Now! Daily Digest 2SEP16

Democracy Now! Daily Digest

A Daily Independent Global News Hour with Amy Goodman & Juan González

Friday, September 2, 2016


Could the signing of a historic peace accord in Colombia between the government and FARC rebels bring an end to Latin America's longest armed conflict? "There's a long way ... Read More →

A woman in Sherwood, Arkansas, just spent 35 days in a county jail after she accidentally bounced a $29 check five years ago. Nikki Petree was sentenced to jail last month by ... Read More →

A federal judge has denied a request from the former Black Panther and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal for life-saving medication that could cure his hepatitis C. Last year, ... Read More →

We continue our look at what the ACLU calls an illegal debtors' prison in Arkansas by speaking with a former resident who wrote a check for $1.07 for a loaf of bread. ... Read More →

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