03 June 2016

Alabama teacher gave middle school students a math test so racist you have to it see to believe it & DAILY KOS RECOMMENDED 2JUN16

DISGUSTING, ignorant, pathetic, and no surprise it happened in Alabama.
Alabama teacher gave middle school students a math test so racist you have to it see to believe it
Four questions from the racist math test given to middle school students
A middle school starts the year with 3 math teachers and one gets fired for being a racist. How many remain?
An as-of-yet unnamed language arts teacher at Burns Middle School in Mobile, Alabama, is on administrative leave after giving 8th grade students a shockingly racist math test. Erica Hall’s son was so shocked that he snuck a photo of the test and sent it to his mom. 
From Fox 10:
"They took it as a joke, and she told them that it wasn't it a joke, and they had to complete it, and turn it in," Hall said.
Erica Hall and her husband headed to the school Tuesday for some answers.
A sample of the questions on the test:
"Tyrone knocked up 4 girls in the gang. There are 20 girls in his gang. What is the exact percentage of girls Tyrone knocked up?"
Fox10 reporter Renee Dials researched the origins of the test:
FOX10 News did some research to try to find out where the test may have originated. What we discovered is that it apparently has a long history. Similar versions of the 10-question quiz have been turning up in classrooms across the country since the 1990s.
And, a lot of teachers have ended up in hot water over the test in several states including Texas, California, and New Mexico.  
The teacher no doubt found the test from her racist uncle who hit forward on a hilariously racist email that has been circulating for 20 years. Parents and students told Fox10 the teacher was retiring at the end of the school year. This sounds like it may have been an attempt to go out in one big blazing ball of racist glory. You can see interviews with parents and students in this report from Fox10.
Photo of a racist test given to middle school students in Alabama
The racist math test given to Burns Middle School students
This teacher’s career probably should’ve ended a little sooner.