06 April 2016

This One Weird Pic DESTROYS Ayn Rand, tea-baggers & the 2016 republican presidential candidates 25AUG15&2APR16

HERE'S a picture from last Summer's (2015) wildfire season in  the American West that should make the lower taxes less government right wing fanatics reconsider their greedy, self serving attitudes. Yeah right, and donald drumpf doesn't have a chance at winning the repiglican nomination for president. From +Daily Kos .....

Snohomish County firefighter Ken Lawless, left, and Lt. Brandon Gardner being thanked by a man near Omak after firefighters saved his home from a wildfire.
The gentleman on the right, his shirt says "Lower Taxes + Less Government=More Freedom."  Yeah, freedom to watch your home burn to ashes.  Freedom to rebuild from the bottom up (or not depending on insurance, etc).  I swear to g*d I hope these people see the intensity of the irony in this picture.