23 April 2016


Donna Edwards
HEY MARYLAND DEMOCRATS! You have a roll to play in returning the US Senate to Democratic control and a big roll to make sure the agenda of the US Senate is set by BOLD , PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS like Donna Edwards. So much is at stake, the future of our Republic is at stake, and it is vital you remember to vote on 26 APR 16, and that you vote for Donna Edwards for you next senator! Check this out from the PCCC / +BoldProgressives , and click the links to donate to and / or volunteer for her campaign if you can. Remember, every vote counts and DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT!!!!!

Rachel Maddow opened her interview with Donna Edwards last night saying she "may be on the cusp of pulling off what would be a huge upset in a Senate race in Maryland next week."
Donna started on a nostalgic note, telling Rachel how Prince once gave her backstage passes because of her work fighting domestic violence.
Then Rachel talked about how Donna is taking on the establishment. And Donna made clear what impact her unique voice as a progressive, single mom, working class, African American female would have in the U.S. Senate:
"The voices of so many Marylanders who are middle class families, people who are struggling to get into the middle class, families like mine are really missing from the United States Senate...when all of our voices are at the table, I think we make better decisions."
If Donna Edwards wins her primary on Tuesday, deep blue Maryland will send her to the U.S. Senate in November. She will become just the 2nd African American woman ever in the U.S. Senate. Watch the interview here and chip in $3 toward Donna's Get Out The Vote program that starts tomorrow.

Donna Edwards on Rachel Maddow

The New York Times called this race "a fight over the future of the Democratic Party." We need more bold progressives in the U.S. Senate fighting for a $15 minimum wage, debt-free college, expanding Social Security, Wall Street accountability, and campaign finance reform. And more people who will fight against systemic racism.
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Kayla Wingbermuehle, PCCC organizer