03 February 2016

Today, we're going to court to protect Tongass habitat! EARTHJUSTICE, BECAUSE THE EARTH NEEDS A GOOD LAWYER 3FEB16

GREED, not need, is driving industry and governments to destroy, piece by piece, areas so beautiful and so rare, like the Tongass National Forest, that we run the risk of loosing them forever. If we allow the Tongass be destroyed forever we better make sure all the pictures are destroyed too so future generations don't see them and curse us for taking the Tongass from them. Please click the link and donate to fund this court case by +Earthjustice against the Big Thorne timber sale (any amount will help, I donated $10.00) if you can, and share this with others! More environmental actions and updates on this blog here.....
Today, we’re going to court to stop vast swaths of the Tongass from being clear-cut. Will you help us win?
An aerial view of regrowth following clear-cuts in the Tongass National Forest. (Shutterstock)

After the U.S. Forest Service approved the Big Thorne timber sale—the largest, most destructive old-growth clear-cutting project in the Tongass National Forest in decades—my team and I sprang into action.
And today, we’re going to court to fight back! Will you help us win?
We can’t stand by while vast swaths of the Tongass National Forest—one of the last ancient coastal rainforests—are clear-cut. And the courts are our last line of defense!
If our opponents get their way, the Tongass will see more road building and extreme old-growth logging for years to come.
But with you by our side, we’ll protect this crown jewel of the national forest system, home to towering stands of 700-year-old trees that provide vital habitat for bears, salmon, Sitka black-tailed deer, goshawks, and the rare and dwindling Alexander Archipelago wolf.
For decades, Earthjustice has fought to protect the Tongass from clear-cut logging—and we’ve won. We defended the Roadless Rule in the region and protected wild lands throughout this magnificent forest.
Thank you for your help,
Holly Harris
Staff Attorney
Alaska Office

P.S. We’re fighting to save the Tongass and prevent vast swaths of ancient coastal rainforest from being clear-cut—but we need your help! Make an urgent tax-deductible gift today to help us take on this and other critical fights in court.