01 February 2016

The Stream: Iowa Caucuses Begin & Iowa Caucuses: Real-Time Results And Special Audio Coverage &The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll (Selzer): Clinton 45% - Sanders 42% 1FEB & 30JAN16

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Now the race for president beginning tonight with the Iowa caucuses. This from +NPR , Click this link to go directly to NPR's live coverage
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  1. It begins. After months of predictions, polling and campaigning, the Iowa caucuses have officially begun, kicking off voting for the 2016 campaign. Voters are at their caucus sites across the Hawkeye State, and results are starting to trickle in. From anecdotal reports across the state, turnout is heavy in many spots and at caucus sites.
  2. Early entrance polls, which will change throughout the night as they're updated, show good news for Donald Trump in the GOP race. Evangelical voters are making up a higher percentage than in 2012, which, on the surface, would be good news for Ted Cruz. But the number of voters who describe themselves as "very conservative" is down from four years ago — just 39 percent this year, down from 47 percent in 2012. And Trump is winning with "moderate" and "somewhat conservative" voters.
  3. The number of first-time caucusgoers on the GOP side is also up — 43 percent of voters say this is their first time attending a caucus, compared with 38 percent four years ago — another good sign for Trump.
  4. On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is leading big with younger voters, according to the entrance polls, but turnout looks to be heaviest among older voters. That's good news for Hillary Clinton. She is leading with voters age 50-64 by 24 points. And among voters 65 and older, Clinton nearly triples Sanders' support.
  5. Jeb Bush moves on to New Hampshire

  6. We may all still be waiting for results from Iowa, but several candidates are already eager to move on from the first-in-the-nation caucus.Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie both flew to New Hampshire Monday afternoon, and were holding town halls while Iowans cast their ballots. Both moderate governors are banking on a strong showing inthe Granite State, which tends to reward that sort of background more than conservative voter-dominated Iowa. “New Hampshire voters reset elections,that’s what you do,” Bush told a Manchester town hall Monday night. “The reset has started as of tonight.”
  7. Bush seemed especially eager to move on from a state where his poll numbers had dropped to low single digits. At one point, Bush asked a New Hampshire voter whether he’d caucus for him, before quickly correcting himself. “You’re going to vote for me – excuse me. I’m in the wrong state,” Bush said. “I’ve got to get that out of my head. Purge it.”
    -- campaign reporter Scott Detrow, 9p.m. ET

    1. Ted Cruz's "full Grassley" and his wife Heidi

    2. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz campaigned with his wife Heidi Cruzand daughter Caroline, 7, in Jefferson, Iowa this afternoon. He completed what's known as the "full Grassley" -- visiting all of the state's 99 counties -- named for long-serving Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley.

      As she often does, Heidi Cruz described her husband as a loving father and devoted spouse. She's been out front in the campaign, helping to soften Cruz's image and, behind the scenes, making fundraising calls.

      The rally was held at a community center in Jefferson, where Ted Cruz told supporters he wants to return to the values of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Even on caucus day, life goes on, and several residents of the community could be seen walking on an elevated track and working out on fitness equipment above, as Cruz spoke to the crowd seated in chairs on the gymnasium floor. -- campaign reporter Sarah McCammon, 6:00 p.m. ET
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      Hillary has the momentum late in Iowa!
      Clinton 45% - Sanders 42% - O’Malley 3%
      This new Des Moines Register Poll is awesome news for Hillary! It’s close.
      Taking into account that she’s leading in the Selzer poll, which is considered by many the 'gold standard’ in Iowa polling and factoring in all other recent polling showing Hillary slightly ahead, the Clinton campaign definitely has the momentum heading into the final push this weekend.
      Selzer said the data suggest Clinton's support is more solid than Sanders'.
      The poll shows 83 percent of Clinton’s caucus supporters have made up their minds going into Monday’s vote, up from 69 percent earlier this month.
      “That’s huge,” Selzer said. “That’s a number any candidate would like to see.”
      Sixty-nine percent of Sanders’ supporters are firmly behind him coming into the caucuses, about the same as earlier this month.
      Greg Dworkin shared this very informative tweet.
      Ann Selzer thinks her poll’s internals point to a stronger position for Clinton!
      Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight Iowa Democratic Caucus forecast has been updated with the new Selzer Poll and it now shows Hillary with an 80% chance of winning!
      Polls-only forecast is 74%!
      FiveThirtyEight Iowa Democratic Caucus forecast
      It’s all about turnout now. Monday night should be a blast!