30 January 2016

FOREIGN POLICY'S Editors' Picks, presented by the Netherlands Embassy in Washington: The U.N.’s pro-Assad bias; and Poland’s new nationalism 27JAN16

HERE are some interesting reads from +Foreign Policy, especially the timely article on Poland's rising xenophobia considering 27 JAN 16 is the 71st anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz - Birkinau concentration / slave labor camp in Poland in 1945. 

Foreign Policy
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Wednesday, January 27
Welcome to Editors' Picks, FP's round-up of the day's best articles.

Today, we look at the U.N.'s flawed response to Syria's humanitarian crisis, tensions between the commander of U.S. special operation forces and the Pentagon, and the communist roots of Poland’s new xenophobic nationalism.
ASSAD CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH: As Syrian civilians starved to death, U.N. officials let Damascus alter its report on Syria's crisis, Roy Gutman reports: Read more
LOOSE LIPS RISK LIVES: The chief of U.S. commandos wrote a memo warning the Pentagon to stop talking about U.S. special operation forces, FP’s Dan de Luce reports: Read more
THE PROBLEM WITH POLAND'S NATIONALISM: Poland’s government rails against foreign oppression. But its vision for the country was born in Moscow, Adam Zamoyski writes: Read more
THE DAVOS DUD: In FP’s newest podcast, David Rothkopf, Lara Jakes, and the Financial Times’s Ed Luce discuss why it was another disappointing year for the World Economic Forum's big meeting: Read more
AN ENDANGERED SOCIETY: Around the world, governments are doing their best to halt funding for civil society groups, Kenneth Roth writes: Read more
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PICTURE THE NETHERLANDS TODAY: Think of the Netherlands, and pictures of tulips, windmills, and canals probably come to mind. But those images only tell part of the story of this innovative nation of entrepreneurs who support international trade, peace, and security.
Check in tomorrow for FP's Stephen M. Walt on why the United States needs a new playbook on the Middle East.