07 November 2015


THE political scene is heating up in Washington and it is not just because of the 2016 presidential campaign. The off year election results show just how much work has to be done to stop the national and international disaster that would be a republican president and congress. There will be a massive protest in D.C. this Monday for climate, economic, political and social peace and justice. Many will be involved in non-violent civil disobedience. This from gives the details if you want to attend and there is a list of this action's sponsors at the end of this post, contact them if you want to get involved but can't make it to D.C. on Monday, 9 NOV 15. THIS WILL BE ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!!!!!

Yesterday was a day for celebration. When we heard the news that the President had rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, we were thrilled -- but that doesn't mean we're sitting back to relax!
There are just two days to go until the Our Generation, Our Choice mobilization in DC.
Although we sure would have been happy to get a KXL decision sooner, the timing is great for Monday's mobilization. Why? Because we know organizing works. We know that taking to the streets in Washington can actually change the landscape of what's politically possible in this country.
The Our Generation, Our Choice action is bringing together a pretty unprecedented coalition: the movements for climate justice, for black lives, for prison and fossil fuel divestment, for immigrant lives and dignity, and more. This is the kind of broad, deep organizing that we need in order to show that the people who want justice represent a power too great for politicians to ignore.
We expect Monday to be the largest ever youth-led civil disobedience action across these many movements. Now, that’s epic.
Will you join us in DC?
Millennials are leading this charge, but to send a really powerful message, they need as many people as possible behind them! That means everyone, no matter what age.
Don't sit this one out. If you need a ride, click here. To see exactly where to meet, click here.
Yesterday’s Keystone XL victory is proof that when thousands of people march, mobilize, and organize together, the people win. If enough of us hit the streets on Monday, we can make sure the call for justice on race, climate, and immigration is heard loud and clear -- just in time for the most important international climate talks of the decade and right when 2016 presidential politics are really ramping up.
This is our moment -- let’s seize it.
See you in the streets,
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This action is organized by youth activists and supported by:
Better Future Project
Bowdoin Climate Action
Center for Biological Diversity
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Divest Middlebury
Earth Guardians
Energy Action Coalition
Flood the System Youth Action Council
Fossil Free Williams
Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network
Generation RYSE Rising Youth For a Sustainable Earth
Hip Hop Caucus
Indigenous Environmental Network
International Forum on Globalization
LULAC: League of United Latin American Citizens
Million Hoodies
Responsible Endowments Coalition
Roosevelt's Network
United States Student Association
United We Dream
U.S. Climate Plan
Working Families