08 October 2015

The New McCarthyism (with video), Mad Men, and more in Practical Progress 8OKT15

ALWAYS appreciate these weekly reports on progressive politics, they help keep our faith our Republic will survive alive! Thank you Agenda Project.....

The Most Important News from the Progressive Movement brought to you by the Agenda Project Action Fund
FEATURE STORY: EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE NEW MCCARTHYISM - The Agenda Project Action Fund released their latest campaign titled “Welcome to the New McCarthyism.” The campaign has been causing quite a conversation as it calls for a House Ethics Committee investigation into House Leader Kevin McCarthy and the witch-hunt known as the Select Committee on Benghazi. The video racked up over 200,000 views in the first 2 days. In response to the widespread public reaction to this campaign, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) filed an ethics complaint against the chief architects of the committee, Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Trey Gowdy. Watch the Agenda Project’s ad HERE and sign the petition supporting an ethics investigation into the Select Committee on Benghazi HERE.

PUBLIC HEALTH VICTORY- Thanks to the tireless work being done by activists like Compassion & Choices, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a death with dignity bill into law this week. Read more about the bill that permits doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to their dying patients and the efforts of statewide advocates that got it passed HERE. PRESENTS - The nation’s largest online latino organizing group, has announced new leadership for their organization with the hiring of two co-directors, Oscar Chacon and Favianna Rodriguez. Read about the new leadership’s previous accomplishments and learn about what the future holds with them taking the helm at HERE.
ESSEX COUNTY’S FIGHT FOR $15 - Fight for $15 is celebrating a victory this week as Essex County became the first county in New Jersey to pass a resolution to call on state legislators to support a $15 an hour minimum wage bill. Read more about the advocacy of New Jerseyans on the minimum wage hike HERE.
#CUT50 CAMPAIGN - The Drug Policy Alliance has launched their latest campaign, #Cut50, with the aim of reducing the prison population and reforming our broken criminal justice system. The campaign teams up with 100 A-list celebrities to reduce the U.S incarcerated population by 50% over the next ten years. See what celebrities have joined the movement and how you can get involved HERE.
MAD MEN - The Bridge Project has released their latest report “Mad Mad Mad Mad Men: The U.S Chamber of Commerce” this week. The report takes a look at the largest lobbying group in the United States how they are not just neglecting, but actively working to destroy working families and small businesses. Read the report HERE.
COMBATING RACIAL PROFILING - ACLU of California is celebrating a victory this week as Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 953 into law. This measure requires law enforcement agencies to collect basic information on police stops in response to growing concerns about racial profiling and misconduct. Read the new law’s purpose HERE.
WEEKLY $1,000 WINNER - Democracy for All has announced their weekly winner! Watch this week's prize winner Mara Ditchfield in his video “An American Mailman’s Flight for Freedom“ HERE.
NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION - The U.S Climate Action Network is putting on numerous events nationwide for the People’s Climate Movement National Day of Action on October 14, 2015. You can sign up to show your support and find an event to participate in near you HERE.
GO PURPLE - Pledge to go purple with GLADD on #SpiritDay2015. Wearing purple on this day, October 15th, shows LGBTQ youth that they are not alone in standing up against bullying. Take the pledge to stop bullying HERE.
ENDING THE IVORY TRADE - The Humane Society is celebrating their success in passing a bill that bans the sale of ivory in California. Read about the state’s fight to preserve wildlife HERE.
LANDMARK BILL FOR PAID FAMILY LEAVE - With the help of NARAL Pro-Choice America, members of the D.C City Council have introduced legislation to provide all district residents with access to paid family leave. Read the press release regarding the landmark bill HERE.
FAIR SHARE - National People's Action and IIRON have teamed up to advocate for a new bill in Cook County, IL that holds corporations who pay poverty wages accountable for things like child care, housing and healthcare for their workers. Sign their petition to hold these corporations accountable HERE.
… From the Wonk Wire …
Trump Tax Plan Proves Billionaire Populist Really Just a Billionaire - Patriotic Millionaires Chair and Top Wonk Morris Pearl analyzes Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s tax plan on The Hill. Read his analysis and suggestions for fair economic distribution HERE.
Sachs Says UN Development Goals Should Inspire Technologists -  Top Wonk Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute and UN Advisor, talks about technology’s impact on universal access to quality education in developing countries. Read the article reflecting on his advice HERE.
Voter ID: What Oregon Gets Right and Alabama Gets Wrong - Justin Levitt, Professor at Loyola Law School and Top Wonk, is featured on for his comphrenseive study done on 14 years of voter fraud cases in the United States. Read the article and the study’s major findings HERE.

Study: Climate Strategy Focused on Local Impacts is Most Effective with Americans - Top Wonk and Harvard Professor Stephen Ansolabehere was featured this week in an article alongside the co-author of his 2014 award winning book for their study on global warming conversations. Read the article and the book’s summary HERE.
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