26 September 2014

WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams Fox for Absurd Latte Salute Coverage and 'False Patriotism' 26SEP14

JON STEWART really, really lays fox "news" out on war, "latte" salute, and respect for the military, and gets a few good hits on conress too. Click the link and watch....and share. From +AlterNet .....
"Boobs on the ground?" Is that how you show respect for the troops?
Photo Credit: via Comedy Central
So, we're at war, and how are we dealing with it? With all the maturity of a bunch of kindergartners, that's how. Jon Stewart opened with a far-ranging rant Thursday night in which he blasted Congress for refusing to do its job, again, and draft up a resolution declaring war (as the Constitution suggests.) The reason, of course, is the upcoming midterm elections. Brave congressmembers would not want to do something that might jeopardize their jobs, so that they might continue to do nothing, and agree on less.
With Congress abdicating its responsibility, it's up to the media to lead an adult discussion of the War on ISIS and, judging from the amount of time devoted to the trivial matter of Obama holding coffee while he saluted troops, "We are so f*cked," Stewart suggested. "I don't even know what to do."
Of course, one network lead the charge on that non-story. Can you guess which one? Stewart to Fox: "Shut up, you don't even care about this." The cherry on top: After criticizing Obama for lacking respect for the troops by saluting with a cup of latte in his hand (or was it chai, Karl Rove?), Eric Bolling got off that hilarious line about whether a female fighter pilot might be considered "boobs on the ground." Respect for the troops, indeed.
"F*ck you and all your false patriotism," Stewart said to just about all the Fox Newsians. We couldn't agree more.
Pretty good rant. Watch: