04 February 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Victory for Idaho Wolves 27JAN14

JUST a few weeks ago I posted an appeal and call to action from EarthJustice to stop the kill off of two wolf packs in Idaho. EarthJustice and the wolves won in Federal Court thanks to all who donated, good lawyers and good science. Here's the update and to see the original post or other post on wolves in peril and videos of wolves just search for wolves on this blog.....
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We just had a huge victory for Idaho wolves!
Thanks to the support of people like you, Earthjustice went to court to stop Idaho from exterminating the Golden and Monumental wolf packs in central Idaho’s Frank Church—River of No Return Wilderness.
And we won! The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced that it is halting its wolf extermination program as of today.
This will stop the wolf killings and restore the natural balance between predator and prey in the Idaho wilderness area.
A howling wolf in the snow. (Judilen / istockphoto)
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This fight in Idaho is just the latest battle in our efforts to protect wolves across the country. Our work is far from over.
We are still fighting to stop the brutal wolf killings in Wyoming, oppose the elimination of Endangered Species Act protections for wolves across nearly the entire United States, and secure laws governing wolf management that will ensure real wolf recovery.
And none of this work is possible without you!
Thank you for continuing to stand by us as we fight to protect our wildlife and our wildlands.
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Tim Preso
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Northern Rockies Office
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 Photo Credit:   A howling wolf in the snow. (Judilen / istockphoto)
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