17 July 2013

Glad Tidings: More Marvelous Nights for 'Moondance' & Van Morrison to Revisit 'Moondance' With Reissue 17JUL13

I have always loved Van Morrison's music, and many times done a Moondance with friends and by myself. His voice, style, the beauty of his songs have brought me many hours of listening pleasure. I am looking forward to getting this new release. Check it out from +Greg Mitchell at +Pressing Issues and +Rolling Stone.....

Yeah, even longtime rabid Van Morrison (e.g. yours truly) grew sick of the song "Moondance" decades ago, but it's off a great album of that name from 1969.  Was fun to see/hear "Into the Mystic" show up in a key segment in this week's episode of HBO's The Newsroom.  Anyway:  Surprising words emerges today that Van is coming with a FIVE disc set featuring 50 new cuts or versions of songs from the album, including seven renditions of a song famously cut, "I Shall Sing."   Now if we can just get an expanded Veedon Fleece.

July 17, 2013 11:30 AM ET

Van Morrison to Revisit 'Moondance' With Reissue

Van Morrison will revisit once of his best-loved albums with forthcoming five-disc deluxe edition of his 1969 classic Moondance. The collection will include remastered and expanded versions of the songs, and will also feature 50 unreleased tracks, including studio outtakes of favorites like “Caravan, “Moondance” and “Into The Mystic."
"I Shall Sing," a Morrison original that he completed but left off the album, is also featured as part of the collection, and includes multiple takes of the song (spread across six tracks), plus a final mix of the finished version. 
Moondance was originally recorded during the fall of 1969, and quickly became the breakthrough album for Van Morrison.
Rolling Stone praised the album when it was released for Morrison's "full command of the musicians that play with him," in addition to "the striking imagination of a consciousness that is visionary in the strongest sense of the word create an atmosphere that instantly sets its own terms." 
Three different physical versions of the album will be available from Warner Bros. on September 30th.