03 May 2013

UPDATE ON DRYDEN, NY ; Victory in Fracking Ban Case 3MAI13

THIS is so cool! Congratulations to the people of Dryden, NY and thanks to all who took the time to send a message of support. The link to my earlier post on the amazing people of Dryden at the end of this post. From EarthJustice....
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You remember Dryden, NY—the town that fought fracking?
Well, they just keep on winning. Today, they did it again, in a big court victory against an oil and gas company that sued over the town’s fracking ban.
You were an important part of this victory, sending a message of support to the people of Dryden while they awaited today’s decision. Two weeks ago, Dryden residents delivered your message—along with a map showing where each message came from—to their Town Board members. The Town Board members were incredibly grateful and have asked to keep your message, and 20,000 others, in an archive in the town library.
Town supervisors with your statement of solidarity. (Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition)
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Supervisors from the Town of Dryden receive your statement of solidarity. (Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition)
“We love our town. We’re proud to be from a place that doesn’t back down from a tough fight. And we’re inspired by the outpouring of support we’ve received,” Dryden resident Deborah Cipolla-Dennis told reporters today. “Now it’s our turn to support communities across New York, and in Pennyslvania, Ohio, Colorado, and elsewhere that are standing up to the oil and gas industry.”
We’ve got some tough battles ahead while communities across the country struggle to protect themselves from the consequences of the fracking-enabled oil and gas drilling boom. But today, take some time to celebrate your part in this victory.
Thanks for standing with Dryden,
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 PHOTO CREDIT:   Top: Supervisors from the Town of Dryden receive your statement of solidarity. (Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition)
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The Town That Fought Fracking (And Is Winning...) 21MAR13