24 April 2013

71 DAYS; Ask Obama: How much longer for climate action? 24APR13

PRES Obama made a big deal about the environment, climate change and global warming in his campaign last year and in his Inaugural and State of the Union speeches this year. He is on the verge of showing the nation talk is cheap because he has done nothing positive on protecting the environment, protecting our air and water, and has taken dangerous first steps toward approving the keystone xl pipeline and opening more of our coast and the Arctic to oil and gas drilling. The NRDC is offering us a chance to send a letter to the President asking him how much longer we have to wait for him to start being the environmentalist he claims to be. Just click the link....

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Ask Obama: What's next for climate action?


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  It's been 71 days since President Obama said we'd "respond to the threat of climate change" during his State of the Union address.

Since then, we've pumped over one billion tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere -- the greenhouse gas responsible for the extreme floods, storms, wildfires, and droughts that threaten our families.

So what's preventing Obama from moving from words to climate action?

We can't wait any longer. Email President Obama and ask -- what's your plan for climate action?

The president has shown he's serious about climate change by proposing limits on carbon from new power plants. And he's nominated Gina McCarthy, the senior Environmental Protection Agency official responsible for moving those safeguards forward, to run the EPA.

But the EPA has missed its deadline to put those limits in place -- and is still reviewing the 3 million letters you helped submit last summer in support of those limits.

We can't wait for these standards to be finalized -- we need Obama's leadership on climate action now.

It's time for a plan. Ask President Obama what he will do to protect our families from climate change.

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